Monday, February 18, 2008

Going West

As I stated before, will plan on moving in about 6 weeks.  Maybe this is why God didn't allow me to get that house?  I am reminded of a verse that I learned in college, I've thought of it often during life's great changes... "There is a way that seems right unto man, but in the end it leads to death."  I wonder what we would have done if God would've given me that house I wanted so badly.  It seemed just perfect, it answered all of my thoughts and prayers on what I would wish for in a house.  Maybe God has one for me out west! 

I have so many mixed emotions about going.  I have moved so many times over my relatively short life.  Sometimes I just want to feel like I'm settled at home at last.  However, it is exciting to think about the potential for new friends, opportunities, and fresh ways that God will use Nathan and I!   It's hard for me to be realistic about how difficult it will be, with Nathan in school full time (again) and working full time.  I thought we were past that stage!  I know that I will get lonely and miss my friends, but for the moment, I am pushing these thoughts aside and trying to be positive.  It might not be too hard, I might make friends very quickly, I might love it out there... etc.  Oh and the thought of having to get a full time nanny position is a little scary. I've gotten used to being my own boss and making my own schedule!  But it looks like in order to be able to afford any kind of decent housing, I'm gonna have to get a J-O-B.  Yuck!

Until Elon gets better, my posting will be sporadic at best.  As soon as he is better, I promise I'll return to my usual inspiring and always thought provoking posts ;p


Melissa said...

haha! Oh, how you make me laugh with that last comment!!!

On a serious note, I understand how scary it feels to have to think about getting a job. As my good friend would say, "pray like crazy"! And I mean it! I will be praying for you too! God is so good and He knows just what you need. Continue supporting Nathan as you are doing so well already.

Melissa :D

Jaedan's Mom said...

I'm praying that God will prepare the way for you and Nathan. As you can see I set up a very simple blog so far! Thanks for the push. I needed it.