Monday, March 24, 2008

Catching Up

On Saturday, we went to the country club that Nathan's grandfather belongs to for a special Resurrection Sunday celebration. They had a big plastic egg hunt, a huge buffet complete with granola topped french toast and eggs benedict and tons more delicious foods. They also had a petting zoo with a donkey, goats, tiny pigs, and rabbits. Elon had his face painted by a clown and his picture taken with a bunny. He had a blast. It was so funny whenever we pulled our car into the lot. I couldn't help laughing at the sight of our 1998 Camry sitting amongst the Lexus, Hummers, Mercedes, etc!

On Sunday, we went to church and watched a Resurrection Sunday play. Afterwards, we met with Nathan's sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents for lunch. Honey Baked Hams has delicious garlic mashed potatoes!

Today, Elizabeth and I met at the park so the kids could play together. They have a really nice park and HUGE pool within walking distance. I can't wait to go swimming! On Wednesday, we are meeting to take the kids to the zoo. I love the zoo so this is going to be fun for me as well! I am really happy that Elon gets to experience all of these things and that he has a little friend for companionship. It's funny how the 20 month old I sit for follows Elon's behavior. Just recently Elon taught him how to eat crayons! The little trouble maker!

I'll be getting the internet in the next couple of days so I'll be blogging more regularly and posting pictures!


Davene said...

Good to hear from you; thanks for the update! Sounds like a lot of fun stuff is happening for you. :)

Looking forward to seeing the pics...

Melissa said...

haha, "little trouble maker"!

Thanks for making me laugh :D

Melissa :D

Lisa said...

Exactly what Davene said...good to hear from you and we can't wait for photos!