Friday, March 7, 2008

A Shot In The Dark... Part 1

Wow, I really disappeared for awhile there!  I've been super busy, traveling to AZ to get things straightened out before the big move.  While visiting, I stayed with my sister-in-law and she and her husband took me around to job interviews and house hunting.  Thanks guys!

My first interview:
I set this one up with a sweet couple from Bosnia.  They were professional dancers who needed someone to work flexible hours babysitting their 3 year old and 18 month old.  I arrived at the interview prepared with resume, reference letters, and training certificates.  It was a very interesting interview, with questions such as:  what are the most important characteristics for your son to have, what would you want in a wife for your son, etc.  I think I answered his questions well and he seemed to really like me.  After the interview, he asked me to come back to his house in two days so that they could watch me with their children.  

On to my next interview:
This one with a nanny agency.  Showed up, dressed for success and armed with a portfolio filled with the above mentioned documents.  Was promptly told that no one would hire me. Evidentally, nannies have to pay to put their children in daycare so they can be paid to put up with some one else's!

My third interview:
I showed up at the Bosnian couple's house on time with my son and ready to play.  I began talking with the mother while the children played.  A few minutes later, 3 year old interrupted with "Mommy, quit talking to her!"  Over and over and over, while the mother replied with "Yes mam, mommy will quit talking,  Mommy talks too much."  Of course, I was horrified.  The mother then proceeded to tell me not to go "head to head" with the little girl and whatever I asked her to do, make sure I manipulated it into seeming like it was the little girl's idea, that she was in control.  A few other things happened that day that really let me know that this situation shore wadn't gonna work!  I'd rather miss out on the $12 bucks an hour and live in the ghetto!

I came home from these interviews tired and defeated.  Although I was fasting for something else, I just had to mention my situation to God.  I was so discouraged.  I was leaving tomorrow and no job which meant no money for a house. At 8:30 pm, I checked my e-mail and found a message from an online "nanny agency" stating a family had put me on their "top picks list."  Now, I had received these messages before and nothing had become of them.  The message simply means that a family has seen a bit of your profile and likes what they see.  They may or may not pay the $40 to actually recieve my contact info.  I just could not take that risk so I quickly paid the $40 and waited for a phone number to appear.  Oh no!  This family chose not to include a number!  But wait, I could still send an e-mail telling a bit about myself... which I promptly did. 

It was a shot in the dark to think that I could reach the family at 9:15pm by e-mail and have them respond by 8:00am the next day.   I sat and waited and prayed and refreshed my inbox every 30 seconds.   Would they get the message before my 11:00am departure? To be continued...


Davene said...

Oh, you're leaving us hanging! What happened??? :)

It's good to hear from you again!

In my limited babysitting experience, I can relate to the horror you felt about that one situation. I'm glad you decided you didn't need to deal with that! But my heart hurts for families like that...

mellalittle said...

can't wait to hear the rest of the story!
can you imagine working for that other family?!?!? yikes! that would be crazy!

Elizabeth said...

You left me hanging! And I know the story!

I hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to have you guys out here and settled! ;)

Marie M said...

Yes you are gonna get it, and I know the story also!!!!