Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Worrying Less and Trusting More...

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Thank you, Lord, for providing me with a new and better job! I just knew that you had something wonderful in store for me whenever I lost that last position! I think and I hope that this time I really did worry less and trust more. I know that more trials will come, and I pray that each time I will learn to trust You more. All glory be to You, who helps us through all of our problems and fills us with abounding peace!

On Friday, I was offered a nanny position with a sweet family of three. One mama, one daddy, and a 2.5 month old little boy named Andrew. {Funny, that was the name of the last little boy I took care of}. I will be earning almost twice as much as I did before and for only one child instead of two. Also, I will only be working 3 days a week! I am so thankful for that because while working full time for the last family, I realized I just couldn't handle it very well. I was so drained. By the time Nathan got home, I had nothing left to give. Also, I had no vacation time with the last family, with this family I get 10 days paid vacation, all major holidays off, and I get another vacation whenever they have their family vacation! What a BLESSING!


Davene said...

That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you!!!

Jaedan's Mom said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news. What a change from the unemployment problems in Pueblo.

I'm a little jealous that you get to love on a sweet little baby. I miss the smell and the sweet spirit of a newborn.

I believe whenever God takes away he always replaces with something much better. When do you start?

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Woo-Hoo! That sounds like the ideal job!

New Mom said...

Yes, I am sooo relieved to be done job hunting!

I start May 12th.

Marie M said...

I'M so glad for you Himilce! We both are out of that awkward boat! I'm so happy were both so close to each other! Just around the corner!!