Monday, May 5, 2008

The $5 Outfit

Shirt- $3.00 Kohl's
Vest- Free from Rag Bag
Skirt- $1.00 {and it's J.Crew!} Yardsale
Peep Toe Pumps- .25 Yardsale
Total- $4.25

Moral: There's no excuse for dressing frumpy when there are yardsales everywhere!

Note to self- next time wear pantyhose! Yikes, those legs are a sight!


Davene said...

What a great outfit: modest, thrifty, very attractive! And what a beautiful model, too. ;)

Don't worry about the lack of hose...if I had legs like that, I'd be thrilled! :)

New Mom said...

Davene, it's funny you said that because I really don't like my legs. When I decided to put this picture up, I wanted to crop the legs but then you wouldn't see the shoes! I rarely ever let my knees show, they're so boney!

Jaedan's Mom said...

Very cute! I love deals, but I've never gotten deals like you get!