Monday, May 5, 2008


Did anyone else get to watch MasterPiece Theater's Cranford on PBS last night? I loved it, and can't wait to watch episodes two and three. For those of you who missed the first episode, you can watch it online by clicking on this link Cranford. I think this is going to be a classic almost on par with Pride and Prejudice!


Sweet Ruthie said...

I loved it! I had so much fun, Thank you =)

Marie M said...

I watched it from the middle and I didn't finish because it was so late already but I was hooked to it when I started! Thanks for the link because I want to see the beginning and the end of the first episode.

Jaedan's Mom said...

Thanks for sharing this. I never would have seen it if you hadn't posted it.

Jolanthe said...

If you enjoyed Cranford - you should buy the set they are selling on Amazon that has all three mini-series by Elizabeth Gaskell (Cranford, North and South, and Wives and Daughters). It's around $60 - but about 900 minutes of video. :)

North and South is almost as good as Pride and Prejudice.

And you are so going to love the ending of Cranford!!! (I found it on YouTube).


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