Sunday, July 13, 2008

Future Paintballer

I love Elon's shaggy hair. He is my BABY and when he wakes up in the morning all sleepy eyed and puffy haired, I just melt.

I've been letting his hair grow out for some time, in the hopes that I could acheive something preppy-shabby-oh-so-cool like this...

But then I realized this style only works when you dress your children like little models... hmmm, most of the time Elon has drool running down his chin and popsicle stains on his muscle shirt. Instead of preppy, he looked neglected.

And here, at the salon, popsicle stains everywhere! BTW, this was my attempt at slicking his hair down :}

First we took him to Great Clips-- which was, not so great. In no way did they do what I asked. Waste-of-money, cheap, but even cheap was still-- waste of money. Elon looks scared.

Doesn't this guy look mean. He gave Elon a typical little bland boy cut. Yuck!

We left there dissappointed and decided to take matters into our own hands. And with a pair of dull scissors and a beard trimmer we achieved this...

Perfect for our future paintballer!


Marie M said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! He is so cute Himilce!! I love his new hair cut!!!
I think he loves it also!!!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I am not a mohawk fan, but he looks darling! Still sweet baby look, and not a rebel.
Oh, and the toothbrush T.O. cartoon- hillarious!

Sweet Ruthie said...

Oh my word!! He's so cute! He looks just like Nathan too =)

Katheryn said...

He sure looks cute. My goodness that will be a look to remember in the years to come. It was great to see you on Friday sorry we didn't stay longer, as you know when baby beckons for nap it is time to go. :) Have a great day.

Lisa said...

HILARIOUS! Love his hair!!!

Elizabeth said...

OMG!!! {oh my goodness} i love it. he looks soooo sweet!!!! great style! soooo funny!!!!

i think elizabeth is going to put my "My Simple Way Of Twine Braiding" on her blog. look for it or come over and have it done by me


Jaedan's Mom said...

So Cute!!

I too have been growing out Jaedan's hair and it is so high maintenance! He has little curls in the back and I can't part with it yet.

He is so Nathan's son!!!