Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paring Down

I have WAY too many clothes. Half of them aren't even flattering on me anymore. Lately, I've been feeling a little chaotic with so much stuff. Today, Marie and Elizabeth came over to help me regain my sanity. I kept most all of my church dresses, but wanted to minimize my casual/work clothing down to 14 outfits. Unfortunately, and I knew this would happen, Marie and Elizabeth weren't critical enough! I need someone to be downright RUDE in order for me to get rid of stuff! But I did get rid of a little, and I really do appreciate their input :} Here is what my room looks like after the demolition--

Now on to the worst part-- reconstruction.


Marie M said...

Ha ha ha, No Himilce, your clothing is adorable! I couldn't bear for you to get rid of stuff that still looks adorable on you!!! I'm sure almost everyone would agree with me! I was rude, ( I thought ) about the dresses. But most of your other clothes were still really cute!!

Jaedan's Mom said...

You are too funny!

I had a flashback of the makeover you gave Angie and I laughed and laughed!!

You might as well face it, you will never be able to only have 14 outfits. Who could???

Jaedan's Mom said...

BTW... Did you try all of these clothes on?

New Mom said...

Saretta-- Good Times, Good Times. Remember I turned Angie's hair green! Of course, I was trying to be professional and ACT like I knew what I was doing with the low lights. I knew Angie felt like some kind of sympathy case. I try to give helpful advice and end up giving people a complex! Hopefully, she is back to just being farmer-girl hilarious Angie. I did try on almost everything in my summer wardrobe. It took awhile. For some reason, it's hard to dress cute in the summertime. My wardrobe needs a little help. BTW, I have signed Nathan up for What Not To Wear twice now. I'm going to keep signing him up until he wins that trip to NY!

Davene said...

Well, FlyLady would be proud of you! :) But I'm with Saretta--only 14 outfits???

I hope the reconstruction is coming along well! :)