Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poppin' Out a Two Year Old

Elon is having a much better day today because we are at home. Not one tantrum so far! Unfortunatley, he isn't stimulated by toys, so he mainly just follows me around and pulls stuff down and then leaves it there which creates a train wreck. I know what you are thinking, "typical toddler." Yes, except on a much higher scale. Maybe 3 toddlers. I just read a blog about one woman's life with a special needs child and I realize how blessed I am to not be dealing with those issues. I know that there is nothing wrong with Elon other than I don't understand/know what would help him not be so bored. In nursery, he watches the other children play and he loves that, he also loves outside-- but it's too hot for that. The other thing he likes is to push carts, strollers, ride on toys across the room-- but rarely at home or work. The question is how to deal with the tantrums and strong will and how to alleviate the boredom without being his 24 hour playmate. If I could pop out another 2 year old right now, I would, just so he'd have a friend to keep him occupied!

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Jaedan's Mom said...

Oh don't I know!! Please read my comments on Wednesdays blog. I have one of those difficult children that ends up in time out several times a day!! Time out is our only option because he laughs when we spank him or give him a stearn look. Trust me, you are not alone!!!!

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