Sunday, January 11, 2009

What To Wear When Expecting...

~5 Months~

Velvet Jacket- Goodwill, $3
Satin Cami- Goodwill, $2
Skirt- Motherhood via Rag Bag, Free!
Sandals- Mervyn's, $12

Total including Shoes= $17


Bonnie said...

CUTE! I am missing my maternity clothes, they were much more fashionable than what I have now.

You're 5 months already?!? Boy, that flew by!

Davene said...

I agree with Bonnie: very cute!

Davene said...

By the way, I remember that one early ultrasound seemed to indicate a little boy. Have you had another ultrasound since then to confirm that??? :)

Melissa said...

Okay, maybe it's just me...but when I go to Goodwill, I cannot find cute stuff like you have! Maybe it's just me though :D

To answer your question about the moisturizer....Wal-Mart stopped carrying the kind I like! I did switch though, check out my Lady Beautiful blog (I'm trying to make a comeback) this week for a picture of my new's from Wal-Mart! :D

You look great!

Melissa :D

Marie said...

Himilce you look so adorable!! I love the outfit! The green and gold are so beautiful on you!!