Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play Date..

Today we visited a friend for a playdate.  It was our first time over so we came bearing a chocolate cake.  It was soooo good I could've eaten half of it.  I would've if I were at home!  We stayed for 2.5  hours; Elon was playing quietly with her 4 year old upstairs so we weren't in any hurry to go.  My question to you is how long is too long to stay for a playdate?


Bonnie said...

I wouldn't stay any longer, unless it was planned that way before hand.
A friend and her daughter had been coming on Tuesdays, she stayed from 9:30- nearly 2 the first several times, then from 10:30 'til nearly 2 the next couple.( B. gets home at 3:30- so my day was completely shot.) I feel terrible for saying so, but I was ready for them to leave after an hour and a half. (I have 3 kids who still nap- her 18 month old hasn't napped- maybe ever).
Fortunately, she is pregnant and sick- I know, that was mean- But summers are crazy busy with the garden and canning, and B. wants me to go strong with home pre-schooling this fall, so hopefully we can go to once in a while, instead of every week.
Sorry, I didn't mean to dump all that on you, but boy does it feel good to get off my chest!
Glad you got a break, and Elon was content!

New Mom said...

Yeah, a MOPS friend came over with her 4 kids and stayed over 3 hours-- eating into Elon's naptime. I thought that was a bit much. I felt bad when I realized how long I had stayed at this play date-- I hope she didn't feel the same way about me as I did about the lady with the 4 kids! For me, it isn't about how many kids you have; it's how they behave and whether or not it is my child's naptime-- I NEED that time to myself!

Hee,hee-- I would've had to throw some hints to that lady, "Ummm Elon has to take a nap now..." and hopefully she can fill in the blanks.

Bonnie said...

The hints I dropped went right over her head. If she was one of those people you could work and visit with, that would be a little better. My friend Becca I can fold laundry, can, whatever. And I'm the same way at her house. We pitch in and help each other. This particular one sits. And her little can be a bit of a handful, now that she's realized she can exert her will!