Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodwill Hunting...

Hmmm... I realized after my last post that I don't think I ever mentioned my Goodwill stroller saga. It was just too painful....

I arrive early morning to Goodwill's half off sale. The aisles are packed with people and here I am, pregnant, arms loaded with maternity clothes. In the back of the store I spot a navy double stroller that looks brand-spankin' new. I quickly throw my clothes in the seat, and ponder whether I should call Nathan and ask him if he can google the brand "Martinelli." I already have a double stroller, but it's faded and IRRITATING to push. Because of this, when the little Mexican lady quickly came up and asked in broken English whether I was going to get the stroller, I said no and retrieved my pile of maternity clothes. I thought I was being a good steward, after all, I already had a stroller-- and one can never have too many clothes {yeah, right!} Two minutes later, I call Nathan and ask him to google the stroller, and he came up with this:

Peg-Perego Martinelli Tender TwinMartinelli Tender Twin
Retail Price: $400
Goodwill Price: $25!!!

I stood with my face pressed to the glass and watched as that little lady drove away with MY $400 stroller-- the Goodwill deal of a lifetime. I couldn't sleep that night, and I still don't think I'm really over it... which is why I now NEVER pass up a good deal ;)

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Melissa said...

Good steward, good steward, good steward, good...! I completely understand! I would have been upset!

Melissa :D