Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What A Waste!

Well, my computer is still on the fritz, but Elizabeth was nice enough to loan me hers. These past few days have been spent mostly at home, with the occasional MOPS outing. I did go to Goodwill's half off sale on Saturday and got a CAAAUTE khaki pant suit. $3.99 baby! What a steal! I can't wait to show it off on my blog this winter. While at Goodwill I learned that they are no longer selling carseats, strollers, pack and plays etc. due to possible recalls. So looks like my quest for a find-of-a-lifetime double stroller is officially over. The guy at Goodwill told me that they don't even tell the donors that they don't accept the items; they simply accept them and then send em' to the trash compacter. He told me they receive a stroller every couple of days. I understand that it is being done out of fear of a lawsuit, but only in America would we waste perfectly good strollers like that :( Goodwill, can I hang out at your trash compacter for a couple of days?

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