Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chocolate V/S Soy...

With Asher continuing to have stomach issues {well to put it bluntly, gas!}, I have decided to begin a new product called Biogaia. It is a probiotic that is supposed to help with milk allergies, seemingly Asher's biggest problem. I ate some icecream the other day and decided to give Asher formula instead of breastmilk since I knew the lactose from the icecream would be present in my milk. I fed him Isomil Advanced, a soy formula that is milk and lactose free. About an hour after eating, Asher projectile vomited all over me, himself, and a friend's kitchen counters. He EMPTIED the contents of his stomach. Yuck! Now I know why he didn't want to drink it! Someone told me that it was just cause he wasn't used to drinking formula, but I don't know, I mean, it wasn't just a spit up-- it was EVERYWHERE. Note to self: next time, make sure you have some pumped milk stored.

Cartoon Reads
Dad: I think Wren is hungry
Mom: Sigh, It never fails
Dad: Nice shot hon.
Mom: Let's see some formula-feeding mom do that!


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Growing Gracefully, You make me laugh the tolite paper thing, I wonder if they have a paaten on it. Asher is so beautiful, congrats to you all. I was just looking at some picturs of you when you came out to the house. Miss you, love your stories,I have had a ball learning to blog.Love Roxy

Bonnie said...

I love Baby Blues, it always cracks me up.
Yeah, I would say the formula didn't agree with him. I read somewhere recently of a mom drinking chamomile tea, which seemed to help her gassy baby at night, perhaps that might help.
Glad you're back, missed you!