Friday, October 16, 2009

Up To My Earlobes...

in laundry. Washing, Drying, Folding, Sorting, Storing... this takes a lot of time! Seems like there are about a million teeny, tiny baby pieces! I got out all of the winter stuff when it appeared to be cooling down, but now it's in the 90's again :( Not time to put away the tanks and shorts quite yet! Come on Autumn, it's October already!!!

So thankful I don't have to do it like this poor lady!

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Davene said...

I feel your pain. Recently the laundry has just been multiplying around here. I try to keep up with it on a daily basis, but I've gotten behind and I'm thinking tomorrow might need to be a huge laundry day.

I am encouraged, however, by your reminder that it could be worse: we could be forced to do it like they used to in the olden days!