Sunday, April 25, 2010

There Was A Crooked Man and He Walked A Crooked Mile...

My last bike looked almost exactly like one of these:

So this weekend I went from not having ridden a bike for 20 years, to riding a bike 20 miles with ONE stop for rest and one itty bitty tiny bottle of water.  My husband still can't understand what I'm griping about.  20 miles to him = no big deal.  20 miles to me = child birth.

Can some one help me un-crook my legs?  The seem to be stuck at a 90 degree angle...

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Elizabeth said...

O my goodness Himilce!! 20 miles!!!

I can't wait to catch up. Its been awhile and I want to hear about all this exercising you are doing! ;)

Maybe sitting in a straddle with your back straight lean down towards leg and reach for your toes. That should help!

Missing you guys really badly!