Monday, June 28, 2010

Fit and Fabulous Mommy Club Trailer Released!!!

After spending an hour and 45 minutes busting my tail at the gym, I am now enjoying a healthy dinner of blueberry-pomegranate applesauce and flaming hot cheetos.... oh the hypocrisy! Today was my first day at the new gym, and I met a lovely middle-aged man who would not stop giving me "helpful suggestions" on how to do the exercises properly. Oh how I wish there were only women at this gym! Working out without worrying if someone is ogling you, or if your rear is in full moon phase, or if you look like a flushed cabbage patch kid while lifting would be wonderful!

After a 2 week hiatus, it's nice to get back to exercising-- something I never thought I'd admit! Check out the trailer for the documentary I just spent 3 months participating in! I really think this project changed my life! (And I promise I won't make this dinner a habit, Candice!)

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Pam said...

Himilce, the kids and I watched this earlier and we all loved it. I'll have to show Steve, he'll love to see it.