Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elon Quotes...

While hiking up a rather steep mountain, 
"My batteries are dying, can you carry me?"

Upon being offered carrots for a snack,
"I don't like carrots mommy, carrots are for rabbits..." 
Evidentally he doesn't like celery either because he just vomited it up on the living room floor!

Arriving back home from a trip to N.C.,
"I want to see my OWN daddy!  Look mommy, it's my OWN daddy!"

Upon seeing pictures of his grandpa in NC,
"I have two grampas.  My udder grampa is a cowboy!"

After I raised my voice at him for not listening,
"Mommy, don't talk to me like THAT! You don't talk to me like that!  You have to say it like this..."
(begins to repeat what I've said in a much nicer tone.)

I just love that little guy!  And not to neglect my other love, here are a few of Asher's Quotes:

First word:  Night-Night
Second Word:  Wow!
What a genius!  I've got an Einstein on my hands, folks!

These boys sure do make their mamma proud!


Pam said...

Oh my goodness Himilce, this was precious. Definitely balm for the heart. Steve loved "my udder grampa is a cowboy", quote. We are starving to see our grand sons, and excited for you guys to get here. Hope to hear more Elon quotes ... Asher's quote were pretty darn cute as well. Happy Anniversary by the way. Did you guys have a nice one?

What is on Elon's face? Did he get into the make up or the ice cream? Ha.
Love you all,

New Mom said...

Hi Pam! Elon got into my makeup. He startled me when I looked up and he was giving me that look! He looked just like an Ewok :)

Elizabeth said...

Adorable! I love Elon's personality! I was going to ask the same question about his face! ;) he he! O and Asher is just precious! We must have more pictures!!!

Love you Himilce! :)

Marie said...

OH MY WORD Himilce! I just love the pics and I laughed so hard reading Elon's quotes! Such a bummer to be missing out on all his cuteness! Little Asher just stole my heart again when I saw his little picture. He not only stole my heart but broke it too! I agree with Elizabeth, I want more quotes and more pictures LOL!
LOVE you and miss you guys
~ Marie

Bonnie said...

What cuties! We've had some funny stuff said here lately, particularly a discussion about Jesus riding into Jerusalem while the people through pinecones, and the "hole" in Daddy's hair..

Loved the pictures true boys with dirty faces!

Bonnie said...

THREW, not THROUGH. argh, pregnancy brain....

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Himilce, The boys are getting so big. I do think our own children help us to grow and know doubt laugh. Have a great week and keep in touch! love Roxy