Friday, June 1, 2007

Beach Baby, Beach Baby There On The Sand...

Tomorrow I am leaving for NC to visit my family. I probably will not be posting from there; therefore, I won't be updating my blog for another two weeks. But I'll be sure to post pix of my adventures when I get back. I can't wait to hit the beach! It will be Elon's first trip to the shore and I just know he'll love it. (I can barely contain him when I'm running a bath, he wants to jump in the water!) I'm a little nervous about him getting burned. I want to be really careful about that.

My two little Russian sisters love the beach also. They barely get wet, though, only about up to their knees and they are screaming and running back to shore. They are so cute in their little swimsuits and sunglasses, their little ponytails bobbing up and down as they run around!

I think I'll be sporting a sundress in the water this year. My body has definitely undergone some changes ever since I had Elon!

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Davene said...

I'm not sure where in NC you'll be...we used to vacation in Buxton on the Outer Banks when I was a girl. It's still probably my very favorite vacation spot in the whole world! Have a wonderful time!!!