Sunday, August 12, 2007

A "Real Sunday Dinner"...

Sunday was a day set apart in other ways. When we did not go to the grandparents' we usually had guests. Mother cooked a real "Sunday Dinner,"which, after the Depression, meant pot roast or chicken, gravy, potatoes,and a vegetable. We seldom had salad or rolls or extras of any kind, but there was dessert even if only canned fruit and store-bought cookies. Occasionally, we had the very special treat of a cake bought from the breadman who came every day with his horse and wagon and carried his basket to our door.

-Elisabeth Elliott, from The Shaping Of A Christian Family

So I'm curious, what did you have for "Sunday Dinner"?


Davene said...

We had grilled steaks, rice casserole (crockpot), an interesting jello salad with lime jello & cream cheese & cucumbers (from our garden) & onions (my parents brought this), home-grown tomatoes, and home-canned cherries.

By the way, I love that book by Elisabeth Elliot!!!

New Mom said...

That sounds delicious! Do you always eat Sunday Dinner with your parents?

How was the jello salad?

Hannah said...

Wonderful book by Elisabeth Elliot, I agree!
We had a snacky buffet at a going away party for friends held at our church. Among some of teh tastiest things were traditional hispanic rice and beans and a buffalo chicken dip which I must find the recipe to. It was great!

New Mom said...

If you get that recipe, be sure to post it on your blog!

I love beans and rice! Growing up with a dad from Puerto Rico, we had it (among other things) every day and I'm still not tired of it.

Oh and hurray for someone else cooking, it makes a nice change doesn't it ;)

Davene said...

We do almost always eat Sunday dinners together, as well as a lot of other meals during the week! The fact that they live just down the hill from us makes it very easy and convenient to do so. And splitting the work of preparing a meal between my mom and I is an added plus, too. :)

The jello salad It was one of those recipes that you suddenly try when you realize you've got more cucumbers growing in your garden than you know what to do with! :) It was a unique taste combination, but was really not that bad! :) The only thing that made it less-than-yummy was that the cucumbers were a little bitter--probably the result of a lack of rain here. We haven't watered our garden as faithfully as we should have, and that probably caused the bitterness.

Anyway, it's fun to try new recipes; and if they turn out well, great! If not, it's still a learning experience. :)

Mrs. U said...

This past Sunday dinner was easy for me! Our church had homecoming so we got to eat there. FUN!! I love meals at church and getting to taste all the delicious food that other ladies bring. YUMMM!!!!

Mrs. U

New Mom said...

We used to have those quite often back in NC. Not so much out here in the Wild Wild West. But I used to love getting together with all my church family and eating and singing and chatting... I miss that!

On Fire For Jesus said...

We had people join us this Sunday. I made Thai Tuna Wraps, Turkey and Swiss wraps, PBJ sandwiches (for the kids), watermelon slices, pear slices, spinach salad, and homemade tapioca. We served it buffet style and I used my three tier tray for the sandwiches. It did all look so pretty.