Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Put On The Skillet, Put On The Lid, Mamma's Gonna Make A Little Shoatnin Bread,,,,


I am scheduled to bring snacks for our foster class of 27 trainees on Saturday. Last week, a couple brought in specialty crackers, a deli meat and cheese tray, pepperidge farm cookies, a pound cake, chips, grapes, bottled waters, and soft drinks. For the time being, our funds are limited, so I am trying to think frugally. The class is held at 10:00, so our snacks usually include breakfast items. Elizabeth suggested homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee. However, I am hesitant because 1. after the variety the last couple brought, cinnamon rolls sound too simple, and 2. I'm not sure what people would think about eating something I've made, since they only know me from class. Where I'm from, you sho' don't eat people's cookin' lessen you know them real good.

So what do you think?

Homemade cinnamon rolls made by a virtual stranger?


Store bought goodies that cost more but add variety?

Leave me a comment ASAP-- I need to make a decision!


Mark and Erin said...

Homemade!! I know that a lot of people rarely get to taste good home-cookin', so they would probably be thrilled to have some. And homemade goodies are just out-of-this-world better than store-bought. (Don't worry about the huge spread last time...I'd rather have one or two things that were *really good* than lots of variety and not nearly as good.) It will be delicious, whatever you do!

Davene said...

I vote homemade, too!

This makes me think of Josiah's first season of soccer games when each parent had to take a turn bringing team snacks. Out of the whole 10 weeks, I was the only one to bring anything homemade. I couldn't believe it! Didn't these other moms enjoy the chance to bless others with their cooking talents? Didn't they enjoy the chance to save a buck or two? I thought maybe there was some secret rule of conduct I hadn't been told about that prohibited homemade goodies. ;) But no, there was no such rule. The kids (and their parents) loved my homemade cookies...and not because I'm an exceptional cook or because the cookies were anything out of the ordinary, but simply because they were made at home with love.

Don't worry in the least about trying to live up to the previous snack-bringers. Your budget is way more important than that. :)

Wish I could taste those yummy cinnamon rolls! ;)

Arlene said...

I'd say homemade, too. Ditto to what Mark and Erin commented -- I'd prefer one or two delicious options as opposed to a wide variety of so-so items... the latter would just depress me, LOL! :o)

Arlene said...

Oh, and I can't remember if I commented or not, but Congratulations on the new baby! It seems there is a little baby boom going on in the blog world lately. :o)

Mrs. Bonnie said...

First HOORAY FOR A BABY!!!!!!!
I am hoping for a girl too (for you, my Rachel will need a little blog friend :0})
Second, I'll echo everyone else and say homemade too. And you could round things out with a fruit salad (go easy, cannned fruit mixed with less expensive in seaon fruit), OJ, coffee, as you said, and if you still feel thats not quite enough, maybe some doughnut holes. Cheap, and can be frozen of neccesary.
The big spread sounds good, but homemade sounds practical, and much more inviting. Go to, and poke through some of Merediths posts. She frequently has to dosnacks for gatherings and posts her neat inexpensive ideas.
(Yippee- a baby!)