Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Happened...

...I am officially a grown-up. It looks like I may be in charge of Thanksgiving Dinner. Yes, THE Thanksgiving Dinner in which I and my family, plus my in-laws and their kids will be partaking of... this could be scary. I haven't really ever cooked for that many people {around 13}. Oh, and did I mention that I've never cooked a turkey! So I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to cook and how much of each thing I'll need, when I really should be putting away all the summer clothes I drug out and have scattered throughout the house! Procrastinating is such fun!

Anyway, I'd LOVE to hear what your family normally has for Thanksgiving Dinner and if you put any interesting spins on the entrees. Leave a comment in the box!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

Oh how fun! As a 2 year veteran of hosting Thanksgiving, I tell ya what I can: Make ahead. I had pretty much everything made the day before. This is much less stressful than trying to make everything the day OF. Then, all I had to do was re-heat, or the final cooking of things. (I even made the mashed potatoes the day before- I have a great recipe for them , let me know if you want it.)
Making the turkey the day before is best. I had it all carved up, divided into white and dark meat, and the mess cleared away the night before. Swansons makes turkey broth, which you can pour over the meat before re-heating in the oven or an electric roaster. It also made really good gravy.
Setting up the food buffet style also helps with organiztion, and flow.
Thats all I can think of at the moment, I'll pop back if something brilliant comes to mind.

New Mom said...

Thanks for the tips, Mrs. Bonnie. I'd love to have that recipe for the potatoes. Does reheating the turkey make it dry or not taste as good as it would fresh?

Arlene said...

We've only been together for two of our three Thanksgivings, and only one of them have we ever hosted (this one last year), so I'm not expert. But, I think the biggest, most important thing we learned last year? Less is more! Leftovers are nice, but you do not want to be practically swimming in them. Especially since, once the company leaves (even if you send leftovers home with them), it'll just be the three of you left to eat them all!

The one thing we have to have every year is Pumpkin Roll (I cut into thinner slices than suggested). Also, my friend Sherry posted her Thanksgiving menu, so maybe that will help give you some ideas.

And, a favorite of EVERYONE I have ever served this to: Green Bean Bundles. I make into a casserole, though, by making the sauce (I omit the garlic salt/powder), mixing with the green beans, and dumping it into a 13x9 casserole. Then, I sprinkle it with crumbled bacon and bake until everything's heated through. Easy, easy, and delicious!

You might also try Skillet Cream Corn and Refrigerator Rolls, !

All of these items can be made ahead and just heated through before serving.

Hope some of this rambling helps, lol! I'm sure you'll do great! :o)