Friday, November 7, 2008

Recovering Is Fun!

This past Saturday, I was in the ER for food poisoning... again. This is my 3RD bout with food poisoning and I'm beginning to feel like I have very bad luck. Last time, Marie had it with me. This time I was alone and I am so thankful! I can't imagine watching Elon or Nathan suffering like that. I lost 6 lbs. from being sick and am down to 103 lbs. I don't remember EVER weighing 103 and believe me, it ain't pretty! My eyes are sunken in and my pants are falling off. Hopefully, my face will begin to fill out from the pregnancy-- this sickness has aged me! In the meantime, I am happily eating everything in sight! Thankfully, I am at least feeling 100% better. Recovering from this makes me so thankful that I am usually always in good health, a blessing I so often take for granted.

I sure do hope I don't have any supermodel readers!


Judith and Lance said...

I hope you are feeling better now. I'm still @ 157... UGH and not motivated to do much about it. Look on the bright side you won't have as much weight to lose! :)

Judith and Lance said...

Oh, and I love your cartoons, you are a very clever bloggist (new word!)

Mansell said...

Hey, I am a supermodel, and I resent that, haha.

New Mom said...

Well Judith, you look great at 157. I'm glad I'm pregnant cause now I have an excuse for that Buddah belly I never lost after Elon! Right now, I look like Skeletor from He-man with a pot belly.

Mansell, I am so sorry to have offended you! I will have to be more sensitive to my audience. Don't forget me when you make it big on the catwalk and don't forget you're a lum. I can't believe you posted that picture of you as your profile. I can't see your beautiful supermodel face!